Welcome Newcomers

A Note from our Chatelaine

Hail and welcome to all Newcomers from Lady Rois M'Aedan, Chatelaine for the Canton of Crois Brigte.

As the "Chatelaine"  I am here to help you get started  on this journey into the enchanted world that is the Society for Creative Anachronism. If you have any questions contact me I can steer you to many resources for getting started in the Society such as getting your first garb together, (it is easier than you think. )I can help you make contact with people with the same interest as you and help find your passion within the SCA.

As you get started with the Canton of Crois Brigte, you are invited to join our online discussion group so you can read and post messages throughout the area. You'll find information and links to other resources below. We are all representatives of our kingdom and our game so that being said let me be the first to say.

Welcome  home! And enjoy your time in our Canton.


Office of the Chatelaine

Lady Rois M'Aedan

Chatelaine Office Email:

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