Canton Officers





Sir Eldon Ungol of the Phoenix

Group administrator, and legal representative of the SCA found at local, regional, kingdom, and Society levels.

Knight Marshal


The combat supervisor, the knight marshal administrates Armored Combat (rattan and armor) activities for the group.

Archery Marshal


The archery supervisor, the archery marshal administrates the Archery combat activities for the group.





Lady Rois M'Aedan

This officer is in charge of welcoming and facilitating new participants into the SCA including recruiting, on-boarding, and transitioning members from other branches.

Minister of Arts & Sciences

Lady Sorcha inghean Sheanaigh

This office coordinates arts and sciences activities for the group, arranging classes and demonstrations, and leading participants to others who work in fields of their interest.



The treasurer, handles the financial matters of the group.





Siobhan inghean mhic Eochadha

This officer is in charge of heraldic activities, such as the creation and registration of names and arms.

Minister of the Lists

Please see Kingdom Level MoL Roster

In charge of maintaining and tracking liability waivers for events and combat activities.



Derived from webmaster, this officer is in charge of maintaining the Internet presence of the group.




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