Crois Brigte archers practice once a week at different locations within our canton area. For dates of practice and locations (see calendar) For directions to practice sites click on the site that corresponds to the calendar.

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Crois Brigte Tasselers

To qualify to be a tasseled archer of Crois Brigte, you must first be a Crois Brigte archer. You must then have three Royal Round Scores recorded at our canton practices. The rounds do not have to be recorded the same day. But you need three royal rounds to achieve an average. You are also required to wear your tassel to show your loyalty at all the archery events that you participate in as possible. This competition is designed to increase our skills at archery, and expose the archers to the same conditions that they will face in Atlantian competition. The competition incorporates all SCA rules and regulations. The winner with the highest Royal Round score at the end of the year will win a prize. ​





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