Cooking Competition

We will be having an informal cooking competition. Recipes should be in keeping with period practices, documentation not needed. Most ingredients will be supplied, dishes made on site, and then presented for lunch.

The populace will then vote with tokens for their favorite sweet and savory items.

A table of fresh ingredients commonly available in period will be used, those participating will be able to bring one item of their choosing, as well as a spice box.

Competition Guidelines

Come and cook with ingredients found on the harvest table and present your creation at the potluck lunch.  

This is an informal competition, no documentation is needed – just use medieval cooking practices. The populace will vote for their favorite dish.  You are allowed to bring one prepared ingredient (such as broth, wine, meat, etc.) from home as well as your spice box.  If you are growing an item in your garden and wish to add it to the table, you are welcome to do so.

Items on the harvest table will include:

  • Wheat flour, barley flour, wheat berries, barley berries, sugar, white vinegar, salt, yeast
  • Milk, almond milk
  • Beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, leeks, onions, romaine lettuce, sauerkraut, turnips
  • Apples, pears, raisins
  • Eggs, butter, olive oil

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